Jens Amend Kantor und Organist
Cantor and Pipe Organ Player

Curriculum Vitae

Date of birth: 1972

       Education and qualifications

  • First piano lessons at the age of 10, first lessons on the pipe organ with 14. After Abitur and civilian service, academic studies of evangelic church music at the University for Music and Art in Frankfurt, lessons and study of the pipe organ with Professor Hans Joachim Bartsch and Professor Gerd Wachowski, choral conducting with Professor Matthias Breitschaft and Professor Winfried Toll.

  • Degree as church musician with Diploma A graded "very good", in subject "improvisation" grade "passed with distinction".

  • Courses with Daniel Roth and Hans Ola Ericsson

  • Further studies in concert profession pipe organ at the College of Higher Education for Church Music in Heidelberg with Professor Martin Sander, degree "passed with distinction", then admission to the class of soloists of Professor Sander.

  • Degree Soloist Diploma "passed with distinction"

Professional History

Already during my studies, I gave numerous concerts as an organ and continuo player e. g. solo concert at the "Marienkirche" in Berlin, Abbey Ottobeuren, Dome in Braunschweig, Concert tour in Poland, Guest Organ player at the "Hersfelder Bachtagen"and festival concerts.

1994 Foundation of the "Kollegium Vocale Kirchberg", a deanery choir with whom together I presented amongst numerous a capella concerts, several oratoriae like i.e. Bachs Christmas Oratorio, Easter- and Ascension Day Oratorio as well as "The Creation" and "Paulus".

2000-2002 Cantor and Pipe Organ Player in the Dome in Lampertheim, conductorship of the Deanery Church Choir Ried, performance of the "Matthäuspassion", "Krönungsmesse" amongst several Bach cantatae and orchestral works.

Since 2002 Cantor of the Deanery Alsfeld, many concert activities, domestic as well as international.

2005 Concert tour in Norway, concerts with Professor Isaac Schuldman, who is Professor for the Violine at the College for Higher Education for Music in Oslo.

Cooperation with professional orchestras e. g. Orchestra Baroque, "Kurzpfalzphilharmonie", Chamber Philharmonie Bad Nauheim, Dvorak Symphonic Orchestra Prague.

Participation in the recording at the "Petruskantorei" Gießen, the Bach choir from Siegen, the Boy Choir from Posen

Broadcast of Church Services and recordings with the Hessian Broadcasting Company (Hessischer Rundfunk), German Broadcasting Company (Deutschlandfunk), Polish Broadcasting Company (Polnischer Rundfunk).